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Legal Stuff you should know!

Our lawyers want to make sure that every kid who visits KidsCom Jr. learns about all the important legal stuff. So, here it is. (For adults, the very legal-sounding stuff is down below, too.)

Copyright rules
Everything that you see or read on KidsCom Jr. is owned by Circle 1 Network. That means you can't copy and transmit any of it—even just a little bit—for any reason.

Sometimes we may use stuff from other places, but only if we've got their permission first. And we'll be sure to say where we got it if we do use it.

You need the same permission from us anytime you want to use something from KidsCom Jr. And if we give you permission, you have to say that it came from KidsCom Jr.

When You Send Us Stuff
Anything you send to us - whether it's an idea, a picture or a suggestion - becomes our property and we won't be able to return it to you. If we do post something you send us, only your first name, country and age will be shown, to help keep personal information about you safe. And remember, we might not be able to post or use everything we get.

Make sure you have your parents' permission before sending us anything.

KidsCom Jr. cannot be held liable for any of the stuff that's sent to us. This means that if you send us something or say something on KidsCom Jr. about a person or place or thing and it isn't true, we can't be sued or blamed for what you've said, even if we post it. Your parents, not Circle 1 Network, would have to pay for a lawyer and all other costs.

Links to other sites
We do our best to make sure that every link we have on the site works and sends you to a safe place on the Internet. But because Web sites can change so quickly, we can't guarantee the content of where you end up. It's a good idea to check with your parents or teacher before heading off to any new sites.

If you have any questions about any of this be sure to ask your parents or teacher, before exploring any more of KidsCom Jr.

If you're cool with it, go on and Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun on KidsCom Jr.

Legal stuff for adults
All programs, images and pages of this site are copyrighted by Circle 1 Network. All rights reserved. KidsCom Jr., KidsCom, ParentsTalk, Kidbe Safe and The Ad Bug are all trademarks of Circle 1 Network.

Circle 1 Network is not responsible, and shall have no liability, for any messages or materials posted by users of KidsCom Jr. Circle 1 Network reserves the right to remove or edit messages or material posted by users of KidsCom Jr. to message boards or other areas, in its sole discretion.

By submitting messages and/or material to KidsCom Jr., each user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Circle 1 Network from all damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs arising out of all claims, challenges or actions, including claims for infringement, libel and slander, related to the user's submission.

Links to sites outside KidsCom Jr. are not endorsed by Circle 1 Network and Circle 1 Network is not responsible for nor can it be held liable for content of the other sites.